SEO Case Study - Capture Buyer Intent Keywords

About project

Period: May 2017

Client: Somerzby Pet Products

Subject: Target Buyer Intent Keywords

You can learn a lot when you listen to your customers.

The growing calls for After-pay as a payment option was something we could no longer ignore.

The site was updated and it was time to find the buyers.

Our Task Was

Capture new leads.

Our discovery of buyer intent keywords was a gold-mine, and it was clear that our competitor’s didn’t understand their target audience.

We’d just finished setting up the shopping cart for After-pay payments and knowing it was something our customers had wanting for some time, I knew there would have to be some search we could capture…

…turns out there was more than we’d anticipated.


Firstly, find the keywords our customers are using when searching for pet products store that have After-pay.

Secondly, develop the keyword rich article that would tell our new customers about this exciting new payment option.

  • Identify gap and opportunity.
  • Research the search terms that were target audience were using to find companies offering this payment plan.
  • Develop keyword search plan for content development
  • Generate relevant and engaging content, includes text, data and images.
  • Publish page on website and ensure page is indexed with the search engines
  • On-page optimisation, titles, tags and inter-site links built throughout the site.
  • Off-page optimisation, identifying link opportunities from relevant and authoritative platforms.
  • Measure keyword rankings and traffic source and volume.


As a page that now rates in the top 20 most popular pages on the website, there are an additional 680 page views per month by customer that are ready to make a purchase.

  • Average of 22 page views per day
  • High converting page – customers are ready to buy
  • First place ranking for 15+ keywords
  • New traffic source


Keyword research is a critical component of search optimisation and is being used as an ongoing process searching out new opportunities in the pet products market and within our client’s competitors.

Discovering this set of keywords has led us to find other payment options that customers are looking for.