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Are you searching for website designers on the Central Coast?

If I can be completely honest with you…

… most website designers are so focussed on the design, and the aesethic look and feel that they don’t even consider the necessity for high search engine rankings, social media integration, website speed or mobile optimisation.

If you are planning a re-design or want to develp on new website making the right decision on who to work with to design your website could be the most important decision your company makes.

To reach new customers, to find new areas of growth and the highest possible search engine visibility, your new website needs to be designed with an search engine optimisation strategy.

You can have the best looking website, but it’s not good for your businees if your potential customers can’t find it.

Smart Web Solutions is a web development company that incorporates creative design as well as revenue generating, high search results.

Our website design services include:

User Behaviour

Implementing Google Analytics, Google Search Console dashboards to see how your customers are finding their way around your website will help to make improvements.

Schema - Search Engine Code

Our websites include Schema markup code that helps  your web pages appear more prominently in Search. This improved visibility has been shown to improve click-through rates.

Call To Action's

Every website needs a CTA, we use banners, buttons, or a graphic or text on our websites to prompt a user to click it, and continue down a conversion funnel.

Fast Loading Websites

In a competitive market, a website that loads in two seconds or less is far more likely to gain visitor conversions than a website with load times of 3+ seconds.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Our websites are responsive, they are able to adapt to the screen it is being used on, regardless of what device it is and automatically reformats to give the user a better experience.

Creative Design

Design increases the usability of your site which will encourage customer to stay on your site by using good design and simple navigation.

Website Design based on SEO Strategy will help your business grow?

Getting new customers, new enquiries and search engine traffic can be more valuable than a fancy looking website.

But that’s just half the battle.

When a potential customer lands on your website, the website must look professional, inspire trust and confidence and must be easy to navigate.

Smart Web Solutions, the website designer of choice on the Central Coast.

We have the web development and SEO experts that specialise in finding the balance between creative design, what your customers want, and what the search engines, such as Google and Bing need to rank your website higher than your competitor.

Our proven strategy that has our customers returning more and more is simple.

We spend the time researching how people search for your products or services online, we focus on search terms that will yield results, and we reverse engineer your competitors websites, we then use that information to design your website.

Smart Web Solutions

Get so much more from your website