Want an eCommerce Website that attracts more customers?

Creating ecommerce websites for online business on the Central CoastE-commerce is big business in Australia with more than $41 billion dollars in sales in 2017 alone;

And with at least 4 out of 10 Australians buying products online this figure is only going to grow.

E-commerce websites are replacing brick and mortar shops but you need to put even more care and attention into how your e-commerce site looks and functions than you did with traditional shops.

You need an e-commerce site that is secure, easy to navigate, and professional looking, and it needs to be easy for you to manage.

The fact is some 67.9% of online shopping carts are abandoned before sale completion because of confusing navigation, slow loading pages, and security issues.

Around 80% of people who abandon a shopping cart will never return to that website.

Our website design services include:

User Behaviour

Implementing Google Analytics, Google Search Console dashboards to see how your customers are finding their way around your website will help to make improvements.

Schema - Search Engine Code

Our websites include Schema markup code that helps  your web pages appear more prominently in Search. This improved visibility has been shown to improve click-through rates.

Call To Action's

Every website needs a CTA, we use banners, buttons, or a graphic or text on our websites to prompt a user to click it, and continue down a conversion funnel.

Fast Loading Websites

In a competitive market, a website that loads in two seconds or less is far more likely to gain visitor conversions than a website with load times of 3+ seconds.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Our websites are responsive, they are able to adapt to the screen it is being used on, regardless of what device it is and automatically reformats to give the user a better experience.

Creative Design

Design increases the usability of your site which will encourage customer to stay on your site by using good design and simple navigation.

eCommerce websites designed for mobile phonesWhy is Our eCommerce Website Design So Successful?

We build high-performing eCommerce websites for companies throughout the Central Coast and Newcastle area.

That’s where Smart Web Solutions can help. We are the Central Coast experts in e-commerce site design. We can create a complete e-commerce site that will attract customers and convert views to sales.

We can build an exciting new e-commerce site that will feature:

  • An eye-catching and professional shop front with amazing product listings
  • The latest security that protects the financial details of your customers and your business
  • Easy to use payment gateways
  • Efficient management for shipping and order inventory pages

Smart Web Solutions have the full power of all the Woo Commerce plugins at our fingertips with countless themes and more than 400 official extensions.

Unlimited photo galleries and an infinite array of customisations will put your new e-commerce website ahead of the competition.

Smart Web Solutions

Get so much more from your website

The Elements for Optimal Website Design


Our proven search engine optimisation strategy takes the guess work out of getting the results you want.

Page Layout

Eye-tracking research clearly tells us a great deal about how to design effective websites.

User Experience

Good design and simple navigation encourages your customers to remain on the same page; your page.

Interactive Design

Designing a website with lots of bells and whistles doesn’t necessarily turn into lots of conversions.

Product Research

Our proven search engine optimisation strategy takes the guess work out of getting the results you want.

We spend the time researching how people search for your products or services online and we focus on search terms that will yield consistently high results.

Our websites include Schema markup code that helps your web pages appear more prominently in Search and to improve click-through rates.

Well-written content is another important keystone of online marketing.

We provide search engine optimised, user-friendly content that will really add authority to your website.

This kind of content that shares valuable knowledge with your web page visitors is priceless.

But you need your website to be more than just informative.

We provide expert copywriter content that is focused on increasing customer engagement, winning those conversions, and increasing your sales.

Joe Chernov said, “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart” and that’s the goal of all good web design.

Product, Shop and Category Pages

Well designed store, product and category pages and simple click to buy encourages your customers to stay on your store.

We focus on how your site looks and functions. We can create the shop front of your dreams with unlimited product and image gallery possibilities.

You can allow your customers to sort through your products using a wide range of filters and they’ll be able to navigate around your site with ease.

Product Layout

Eye-tracking research clearly tells us a great deal about how to design effective e-commerce websites.

Multiple options for product page and category page layouts and designs, product descriptions, and modern shopping cart pages.

We can use schema to add images, highlight special offers or product availability or anything else that will make your product listings more compelling.

And of course we can add those all important product reviews that build your customers’ trust and encourage them to buy.

We’ll provide as many shipping options as you need, including offering free shipping for certain products, or additional charges for heavy items.

And you’ll be able to easily manage all your orders, track stock levels and inventory.

Google Friendly

Search optimised, ‘category pages that rank for your key product search terms’.

Not only will your new e-commerce website look stunning and function superbly well but it will also get on really well with search engines too – in fact first name basis type friendly.

You’ll have detailed analytics at your fingertips too so you can watch your traffic grow.

Choose a Smart Web Solutions e-commerce package – it’s the smart way to get your business humming.

Secure & Popular Payments

Trusted, reliable and users feel safe.

We’ll start by making sure that your site security is top notch using:

  • HTTPS/SSL connections- if you’re current e-commerce site isn’t using HTTPS/SSL you’re playing a very dangerous game
  • Secure payment gateways including PayPal, eWay, SecurePay, all Australian banks
  • Afterpay and Zip payment gateways encourage shoppers to spend

Choose a Smart Web Solutions e-commerce package – it’s the smart way to get your business growing.

Smart Web Solutions

Get so much more from your website

Why Do Our Websites Look and Work So Well?

Well, we could use a whole lot of pretty terms such as elegant, awesome, eye-catching, sleek, snappy, breath-taking, stunning, stellar – you get the picture, eh?

But, in real terms, you can expect your website to:

  • Rank consistently high in any search–this means your website is more visible to your potential customers
  • Function perfectly and load quickly on any device; mobiles, tablets, and desktops
  • Target your audience with focused marketing strategies
  • Feature seo enriched content that engages, informs, and inspires conversions

Smart Web Solutions will help you build your online presence and make the most of social media with our website development, graphics and logo design Central Coast and Newcastle focused services.

Will My Website Be Better Than My Competitor’s?

We look carefully at your competition and analyse their website performance.

We use this information when we design your website to put your business ahead.

We look for link building opportunities that your competitors haven’t exploited and use well-informed content to expand your outreach.

Fine tuning your website, in response to search engine results analysis, will ensure that your website features higher in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings than your competitors.

Smart Web Solutions – our name says it all.